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  February 3, 2002
The Gaping Maw Digest - February 3 2002

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Now Who Could Throw Away Such Beautiful Music?

Community Beat
I can get out of the goddamn chair myself! I'm not crippled, leave me alone.

Hello, I'm here to apply for a job.

Hi, are you hiring right now?

Hi there, would you folks happen to be hiring by any chance?

Can I please have a cigarette.

Foreign Cinema: “Amélie”
Surely you can't be the only person tired of staring at this woman's wry, pursed-lipped smirk. For God sakes, this "impish" waif looks like Mr. Bean. Didn't French girls used to be big-titted blondes? What's the story, France?

Update: “Gays” in the Military
Click the above image to view U.S. Army comic book training materials from May of 2001, about harrassment and the homosexual agenda.

So Fucking God-Awful Tired

"Evil" clowns

Plaid Skirts


Girlie Drawings

Network Cartoons


Laughter: The Best Medicine
Today's Online Cybertoon

Massive Snow Shit Closes Gloryhole

COLORADO - Fags in Steamboat Springs were shocked and deeply saddened to discover a snowman's enormous, disruptive dump resting atop the shared community bathhouse early Wednesday morning.

"This is a tjerrible day," bjorked Sven Haaglbaard, an openly gay civil rights advocate who pushed his way inside the facility and remained there for six hours.

Sound Off America!
Letters To The Gaping Maw

Am I the only one who seems to notice that [most] women involved with the Catholic religion, like in the capacity of nuns, and such, seem to resemble... how should I say this... retired NFL linebackers.
Rick Peregoy
Hammond, IN
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HotSell Direct
San Jose, CA

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Help Jon-Benet Ramsey

Highlight the text below to see the solution to yesterday's Puzzler!

>> All three children must be slapped and restrained


I SAW YOU sitting at Noah's Bagels smearing cream cheese and lox on a biali roll. You are SO FINE! I tried sneaking a peek at your "grocery basket" but your legs were crossed. x3697
I'm a pUnKy, spirited girl with dyed hair, big boots and a diverse industrial/ambient CD collection. I love to dance and crack jokes, and update my LiveJournal. Truly one of a kind! x8828
For sale. Baby shoes, never worn. x1759
Hey gals. SWM here, age 31. Let's take our laptops to the park and wirelessly trade warez. Discretion a must. x2352
HELP WANTED. Flower arrangement, planting two lips on my dick. x1740

Earlier, this publication stated that Wall Street Journal reporter and hostage Daniel Pearl was alive.

In fact we have no idea what the deal is. The Gaping Maw regrets the error.

( Posted by Rotten Staff )

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