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August 29, 2002
The Big Book of Sign Language (update)

August 29, 2002

Director of Litigation
Random House, Inc.
1540 Broadway
New York, NY 10036


To whom it may concern:

I am the Director of Litigation at Random House, Inc., publisher of Signing: How to Speak with Your Hands written XXXXXXXXXXXX and illustrated by XXXXXXXXXX. Your website has copied multiple illustrations by Ms. XXXXXXXXXXXX from Signing without consent in violation of the Copyright Act. Further, your website has copied several photos from the book in violation of the Copyright Act. The use of these photos - which include two photographs of XXXXXXXXXXXXX a senior executive of Random House, Inc. - also constitute defamation, false light and invasion of Ms. XXXXXXXXXXXX's right of privacy and publicity.

Please cease and desist immediately from using all content (including illustrations and photographs) from Signing: How to Speak with Your Hands and confirm to me that the site has done so at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. If I do not hear from you promptly, we will pursue all appropriate legal action.


( Posted by staff )

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