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  January 21, 2001
The Nine Lives of Bonsai Kitten

Several days ago it came to my attention that a site that I had visited earlier had been shut down after persecution by forces beyond the control of the site creator. It was a tiny, yet amusing site, one that had been named "Cruel Site of the Day", though no living being was harmed during the creation of it. And very clear to anyone who visited was the complete tongue in cheek nature of the idea.

So who was doing this persecution, some foreign government or religious inquistion? No, not really. The modern-day book burners are the idiots at the SPCA and similar organizations who apparently cannot tell a work of absolute fiction from reality.

The site in question,, is now being hosted on's hardware, at no cost.

From the Humane Society of the United States website, we quote:

"When this site initially appeared in December, a local humane organization did get involved on a local level in checking out this person, but discovered no evidence of actual animal abuse having occurred."

One can argue that the kitten is being "exploited". That is true. But human beings exploit animals, which any viewing of the "Discovery Channel" or visit to "McDonald's" will tell you. If this exploitation bothers you, your time would best be served with a nice colonic, rather than generating complaints about something that breaks no law and results in absolutely no harm whatsoever.

( Posted by Soylent )

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