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  December 17, 2000
Why Be Mean to our President Elect?

Too many people have sent us hate mail about the "Cocaine President" picture that is our current masthead. Most of them seem under the impression that since we'll run a "slur" like that on Bush, our staff simply must be Gore supporters. Nothing could be further from the truth. I certainly didn't vote for Gore, and I hope none of you fell for that either. Choosing between two plastic people isn't much of a choice, so I said fuck this election, I'm leaving the country till it's over.

Why is Bush featured, all coked up and with nothing to say? One cannot say that he "stole" the election, what with the margin of winning being smaller than the margin of error. Bush is up there because he won the election. But primarily, he's up there because of his anti drug stance. A former cocaine user who won't admit it, and whose own crimes would put him in prison for a very long time if he had ever been caught, hypocritically telling us what we should do. The nerve.

Illegality of narcotics has caused a great deal of the current crime problem in this modern day prohibition, which is also stripping many of our rights away. Just the other day I was inconvenienced by a "sobriety checkpoint" that apparently is tolerable in today's political climate. Officers shined their lights into the back of my car searching for something, apparently; where was their warrant? I don't want to put up with that nonsense. Fourth Amendment, baby.

( Posted by Soylent )

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