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January 6, 2001
The Rotten Codicil

Friends, you will die. How it happens, when it happens, that's something even you probably can't predict (unless your lifestyle is a particularly dangerous one). It could be decades from now, or as soon as you finish reading this page. That's the spice of life, and an excellent reason to occasionally go streaking.

But ponder this idea, before you bury yourself in your worldly thoughts once more: Will you consider adding a "Rotten Codicil" to your will?

A "codicil" is essentially an entry in your Last Will and Testament. A "Rotten Codicil" is where you ask your bereaving loved ones and friends to snap a quick picture of your corpse and send it along to the organization, for publication to hundreds of thousands of screens across the world.

Obviously, certain types of extinguishment will not lend themselves easily to photography or videotape, and others will require obtaining a copy of the evidence from law enforcement authorities or paramedics. This effort will be rewarded with your name and likeness lasting far beyond a 4 or 5 line mention in fine print of the local gazette.

You should check with your legal representation/software as to the proper way to phrase your codicil, but something along these lines would be excellent:

"I hereby request that a photographic or videotaped likeness of my body, taken during various stages of death before (cremation/burial/etc.) be released to the organization named ROTTEN.COM and sent via Internet or Postal Mail to ", PO Box 4436, Mountain View CA 94040 USA". This request includes any photographs taken by third parties and law enforcement agencies."
Optional additions would be the request that your name be used/not be used, and that, if possible, your friends/mortician someone put the word "ROTTEN.COM" somewhere in the photograph. If you are wearing a T-shirt, you will go to Heaven.

Your family may have issues with this intelligent and forward-thinking decision, so be sure to leave your sizeable estate to a domesticated animal, to distract their attentions.

( Posted by Sketch )

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