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May 22, 2001
Chester the Molester Sequestered

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B. Dwaine Tinsley, Hustler magazine cartoon editor since 1975 and creator of Chester the Molester, has died of a heart attack at age fifty-five. Almost a year ago, to the day!

In addition to being a pioneer of the “shit” cartoon in which cognizant, critical turds and their ilk walk around on two legs, Tinsley satirized the lives of niggers, faggots, dykes, kikes, fat people, rednecks, and Jerry Falwell. Chester the Molester was attacked by feminist activists, Hustler advertisers - even the National Institute of Health, which claimed Chester served “as a disservice to a serious social problem.”

“Chester was always standing there with a baseball bat, trying to trick a little girl behind a bush or a fence,” recalls Hustler cartoonist and colleague George Trosley. “I used to say to Dwaine, ‘What's the baseball bat for? To knock her out so he could sexually abuse her?' I always had a little problem with that. But Chester wasn't Chester without his baseball bat.”
In 1984, Tinsley himself was accused of molesting his 13-year-old daughter Allison during a five-year period. Over three thousand of his cartoons were introduced in evidence at trial. Allison spun absurd, lurid scenarios between herself and her father, usually centering around oral or vaginal sex, and being forced to take birth control pills.

Defense attorney George Eskin artfully demonstrated Allison's reputation was beyond unreliable. In addition to being a suicidal cocaine addict, she had already falsely accused a former boyfriend of rape. Her claims about Tinsley grew more outlandish throughout the case:

The court asked how many times all these events occurred, and you indicated, I thought I heard-

About at least 100,000

At least 100,000.


Did you have math in school?

No, I hated math.

Growing up, his family had a cow. The cow used to eat onion grass. When they milked the cow, the milk tasted like onions. He hated that.
In his youth, Dwaine was arrested around 18 times, for various offenses ranging from breaking and entering to grand theft auto.
In prison, it was a priest who bought him books and art supplies, encouraging him to write and draw.
He filled notebooks with sketches of hot rods, doodles of faces, and pastel drawings of seascapes.
Source: Hustler

The prosecution team included courtroom groupie and children's activist Dr. Judith Reisman, whose credits include helping to remove Playboy and Penthouse from 7-11 stores across the country - as well as regular condemnations of Mapplethorpe.

Regardless, it was the Hustler cartoons - not Allison or Reisman - which proved the most damaging. A jury found him guilty, and Tinsley was sentenced to six years in prison. The conviction was later overturned due to the district attorney's extreme prejudice.

“I hope it was all a cartoon,” recalls Bruce David, Hustler cartoon editor. “Dwaine always said he was innocent. Of course, being the creator of Chester the Molester, when he went into the courtroom he was already convicted.”

In all, Dwaine served 23 months, regularly producing new artwork for Hustler from his jail cell.

Again, George Trosley: “If I did a drawing [of] someone with their guts ripped out, Dwaine would appreciate it if there were little veins and other things that had come out with the spleen. He would always say, ‘Hey, that's good. Do more of that. Let's see her kidney bouncing off the wall.' He managed to see the sick part of you, and bring it out.”

When publishing emperor Larry Flynt converted to evangelical Christianity, Chester was toned down. He became Chester the Protector. His bat was reserved for clobbering abusive parents or drug dealers. Flynt was visibly emotional as he eulogized Tinsley's funeral in Beverly Hills.

“Dwaine spoke out of contempt for the life he had to live,” Flynt said. “Thinking of Dwaine being gone is just tough to deal with. Maybe it's reminding myself of my own mortality.”

Dwaine Tinsley was a black-coffee drinking, Marlboro-smoking motor mouth with intense, penetrating eye contact learned in prison. Before he was buried, his wife Ellen donated his eyes to an organ bank. If he were alive today, there'd be a great punchline for all this.

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